Innovative Technology

Innovative Technology
 OCT (Zeiss Cirrus HD-Optical coherence tomography)
 The OCT is to the eye what an MRI is to the brain.  This is an exceptional piece of equipment that helps manage almost any eye condition.  Macular degeneration, diabetes, glaucoma, hypertensive changes, macular edema, and many more eye diseases are much easier monitored and diagnoses because of this equipment.
Threshold Visual Field Testing:This test draws a map of your vision, so that Dr. Turin can look for changes secondary
to glaucoma, optic nerve stroke, and other lesions which can affect the brain.Digital Photography:

A retinal camera is a specialized low power microscope which is designed to
photograph the interior surface of the eye, including the retina, optic disc, macula, and
posterior pole. Our camera is commonly used to monitor diabetic changes in the retina
and changes from macular degeneration. The images are also useful for tracking
changes in non-malignant nevi or moles in the eye. Dr. Turin will take the time to
personally go over each photo so you leave with an understanding and appreciation of
how amazing your retina really is. Our digital fundus camera is directly linked and
saved into your electronic medical records at Mt. Hood Eye Care. This is the best way
to detect changes in your ocular health over years or decades. We recommend a
fundus photos to be taken at your initial exam and every couple of visits thereafter.
There are certain medical and ocular conditions that warrant more frequent photos to be
taken. Often your medical insurance will cover the cost of the fundus photos. A
discussion will be provided before any additional testing is preformed.

Digital Computerized Refractor or Vision Tester

At Mt. Hood Eye Care, we offer computer aided refraction for your glasses prescription. No longer do you have to go through all the choices of, “Which is better, one or two?!” With the Topcon CV-5000s Computerized Vision Tester you can see both choices simultaneously via a split image. This increases the accuracy of our prescriptions and takes the guess work and error out of traditional testing. The technology will also help you decide what eyeglass lens would be the most beneficial to fulfill your visual requirements. It is comfortable and accurate. It also assists you in testing different types of lenses like in office, single vision, mid range progressives, and full range progressive lenses. With the CV-5000 and our trained staff, lens selection is easier and much more accurate.

Completely Integrated Equipment & Electronic Medical Records

At Mt. Hood Eye Care we have purchased the latest in all forms of technology and this has allowed us to be completely paperless. This has made the likelihood of transcription errors much lower. The efficiency of this integrated equipment allows our staff much more time with face to face interaction during each patient visit. Our pre-test equipment analyzes your prescription and measures the strength of your current glasses. All of this data is automatically transferred into Dr. Turin’s exam room, allowing you to glide through the refraction process. At the end of the refraction, everything is automatically transferred into our electronic medical records software without any data entry or transcription errors. Because of the more efficient process, patients find they experience less guessing, eye fatigue and eye watering. This integrated system allows a seamless work flow and as a patient you’ll receive a more accurate prescription and overall efficient exam.