Mt Hood Eye Cares Vision

Mt. Hood Eye Care:
Mt. Hood Eye Care is a family ran optometry clinic committed to three core values: Integrity, quality service and products, and approachable intelligence. Our care is entirely focused on providing the most natural and best eye care possible while creating long lasting relationships with our patients. We value your good overall health and will do everything that we can to ensure you get the time and attention you deserve when attending to your eye and health care needs. To achieve this, we invest a lot of time and energy into effectively communicating with each of our patients and work together with you to maximize your vision and overall health.

Dr. Turin and the staff of Mt. Hood Eye Care believe that your eye can be a direct reflection of your overall health. “Your eye is the lamp of your body. When your eyes are healthy, your whole body also is full of light. But when they are unhealthy, your body also is full of darkness.” Luke 11:34. Dr. Turin takes a comprehensive and natural approach to eye care. Nutrition, diet, and exercise are a passion of Dr. Turin and the staff of Mt. Hood Eye Care. Most of the treatment options at Mt. Hood Eye Care will include a discussion of a holistic and natural approach to your eye care. Dr. Turin has extensive education and training in nutritional eye care and treatment. He is a
Zone certified provider and has substantial knowledge on fitness and nutrition.

Mt. Hood Eye Care also invests heavily in innovative technology not only to aid in making a more precise diagnosis, but also to enhance your experience as our patient. We have equipped our practice with the latest in eye care technology and products. To see a list of our technological benefits please visit our Innovative technology page.

At Mt. Hood Eye Care, we believe so strongly in our services and products that if you decide to try our practice and are not completely satisfied and think you have received better care at your previous eye doctor, we will refund your exam fee. We will never sacrifice long term relationships with our patients to attain short term profits.