Eye Diseases and Care

Ocular Disease, acute care, and eye emergencies:
Mt. Hood Eye Care’s staff are not only experts in vision correction, but they also
manage eye health disorders. Dr. Turin has years of experience caring for patients with
many ocular complications secondary to systemic diseases including diabetes,
hypertension, stroke, and MS. He has also worked for the emergency department at the
largest Military hospital, Womack Army Medical Clinic, in North Carolina. This has given him tremendous experience treating acute eye injuries, infections and numerous other acute eye issues. Just two years after finishing Optometry school he accomplished his Fellowship in the American Academy of Optometry. This feat is something only 10% of Optometrists achieve throughout their entire careers. During the rigorous application for fellowship, he displayed the highest level of professional competency and it is a promise that he’ll continue training to keep current in the treatment of corneal injuries, eye and eyelid infections, dry eye, glaucoma, cataracts, macular degeneration, and many retinal and internal ocular conditions. He maintains close referral relationships with expert surgeons and specialists throughout the community and routinely makes referrals, schedules appointments and provides pre and post-surgical follow-up care for our patients.