Pediatric Care

Pediatric Eye Care
Eye examinations, eyeglass or contact lens fittings, and treatment of visual impairments
can be difficult and stressful for children. Dr. Turin is specially trained to care for younger patients. It takes extra time, special equipment, and a love for children to set them at ease during an exam. Visual examinations are very important during the early stages of development and can prevent many future problems. Dr. Turin is experienced in recognizing and treating the early onset of vision conditions and can often offer preventive care to avoid future difficulties. The friendly and caring staff at our clinic will put your child at ease which will allow them to feel comfortable and secure. Our optical shop offers a wide variety of high-quality and fashionable frames that your child will love. You will appreciate the respect and caring treatment your child will receive at our office. Remember, your child should be examined by six months of age and again at three years. The National Institutes of Health have established guidelines for routine vision care. These are general recommendations, Dr. Turin may make alternate recommendations based upon your personal conditions and family history.

The suggested schedule for pediatric eye exams is:

  • Birth to 24 months: by 6 months of age
  • 2 to 5 years: at 3 years of age or before starting school
  • 6 to 18 years: before 1st grade and every 2 years thereafter

Mt. Hood Eye care will send you a reminder when your next appointment is due. however, if you have a problem with your vision or your eyes before your next eye examination is due, do not wait, contact our office and make an appointment.